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Neu Release

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Neu Release

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Neu Release & Massage Austin

The Home of Deep Release in Austin Texas

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Neu Release is sisters with Massage Austin, in a shared office space with South Austin Chiropractic.

Our team of therapists and the chiropractor all share a cozy bungalow on South First St, old school South Austin style.


Neu Release was founded on a system of deeper, aligned, and connected release experience – to create the space for lasting change. Our novel approach to Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release is the next phase in bodywork evolution. 

Creator, Maia Spertus, founded Neu Release to unlock physical limitations and release healthy patterns of movement and feeling through a deep understanding of the body, the nervous system, and the transformative power of aligning dynamic channels of body, energy, and presence.


Our team at Massage Austin consists of experienced and enthusiastic massage therapists! We have a passion for exceptional massage and bodywork, specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, with Cupping Therapy for deeper relief.

In addition to busy massage schedules, our entire team trains Neu Release together. With our advanced trainings, Massage Austin therapists can even integrate some degree of Neu Release into your Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages.

Between the differing styles of Neu Release and Massage Austin, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your goals.


Neu Release

Neu Release Foundations is the basis of our stretching cycles and mat-based, massage techniques. Sessions take place fully clothed, on the mat, with the therapist on the ground, using their entire body for massage.

Neu Release Ascensions utilizes the Flow and techniques of Neu Release foundations, with the addition of overhead, harnessed techniques. Our proprietary harness system allows the therapist to deliver gentle kneading using her feet, with deep sinks into tender points. Sessions take place fully clothed, on the mat, with the therapist both on the ground and within the harness system walking out dense leg muscles, with additional back-walking as needed.

Neu Release is a good fit if you love:

  • Deep Pressure
  • New Experiences
  • Cultivating Mindfulness & Breathwork

Swedish &
Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage is table based, using oil or cream. This common style of massage adaptable to any and every body type. Long flowing strokes lengthen muscles and create flow within the body. The goal is circulatory flow, release of tension, and general relaxation.

Cupping therapy can be added to any session at Massage Austin, for deeply effective pain relief and workout recovery. Additionally, you can elevate a Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage experience with Hot Stones, Lymphatic Dry Brushing, CBD massage cream, or a Peppermint Scalp Massage.


Swedish & Deep Massage is a Good Fit If You Love:

  • Light to Deep Pressure
  • Relaxation

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Neu Release Foundations

Foundations Is Best If:

  • Goal:
    Moderate Tension Release
    Maintenance Recovery Care To Feel Your Best
  • Focus:
    Back & Shoulders
  • Lifestyle:
    Lightly Active to Moderately Active
  • Body Type:
    Leaner Muscle/Smaller Frame
    Less than 145 lbs for Women & 165 lbs for Men
  • Experience:
    Limited Experience with Massage & Bodywork
  • Pressure:
    Medium To Deep
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Neu Release Ascensions

Ascensions Is Best If:

  • Goal:
    Serious Pain Relief
    Deep Recovery Care To Feel Your Best
  • Focus:
    Full Bodied with Emphasis on Lower Back & Hips
  • Lifestyle:
    Moderate to Vigorous Activity Level
  • Body Type:
    More Muscular/Heavier Frame
    Greater than 145 lbs for Women & 165 lbs for Men
  • Experience:
    Experience with Massage, Bodywork, Yoga, and/or Meditation
  • Pressure:
    Medium, Deep, Very Deep
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Which Swedish & Deep Tissue at Massage Austin
is best for you ?

60 or 75 Minutes

Quick Reset & Refresh - Boosts Lymphatic & Circulatory Flow
  • 1 or 2 Focus Areas; or General
  • For Alleviating General to Mild Tension

90 or 120 Minutes

Deep Reset and Refresh - Boosts Lymphatic & Circulatory Flow
  • 2 to 3 Focus Areas; or Deep General
  • For Alleviating Moderate to Intense Tension

How Often Should I Come In?

If your goals are serious pain relief, every 1-2 weeks, until you can gradually conclude our sessions, or continue on a maintenance basis at once a month. For extreme cases, twice a week may be necessary to fix a serious issue.

If your goals are maintenance and wellness, sessions are recommended for every 2-4 weeks – in accordance with your individual training schedule and your response to bodywork.

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