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Neu Release

Neu Release - Austin Texas

Neu Release

Introducing Neu Release
"Tried out 6+ therapists in ATX
Neu Release
is the best by far"
-Bryce, Google Review
"Between Physical Therapy
and Massages,
Neu Release is the
most impactful"
-Brett, Testimonial
Neu Release Ascensions
"Neu Release is hands down the best massage I've ever had"
-Andrea, Google Review

ready to let go?
 Neu Release is for deeper and more effective relief

Immediate Results.

Dynamically integrating massage & stretching, we release every layer, from the surface to the core.

We release physical limitations and unlock new healthy patterns of movement and feeling through our deep understanding of the body, the nervous system, and the transformative power of aligning dynamic channels of body, energy, and presence.

Neu Release is NOT average massage

Neu Release integrates massage with full body stretching for treating tension, soreness, and aiding recovery.

Deep massage compressions open trigger points, melt adhesions, and release the underlying nervous system connection.

Assisted stretches cycle through stiffness and bring circulation — while integrating your new range of motion, together.

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A Unique Path To Healing

We aren’t scared to think outside the box. Neu Release massage + stretch method has an intentional flow.

Our system is rooted in modern muscle science and sports recovery – and influenced by the philosophy of healing arts and yoga. Bridging this gap, Neu Release is for both optimal musculoskeletal recovery and holistic care. 

A Full Body Approach

With Neu Release, the therapist uses her full body to deliver slow and heavy pressure to release every layer - from the surface to the deepest.

Reset The Body & Mind

Integrating deep massage compressions with opening stretches, we release and refresh.

Like a yoga sequence, the flow of our sessions are designed to progressively open tight spots while relaxing and resetting the nervous system.

The Right Tools For The Job

Using broad and large tools, including knees and feet, the therapist has the power to deliver as much pressure as needed to help our clients heal.

Start Fresh

Release your tension, so you can live without limits. Begin refreshed and ready to take on the challenges you care about.

Fundamentally, we believe you deserve to feel your best, so that you can go out and be your best self.

You can't get beyond the body,
unless you free the body itself

Ida Rolf

We're The Talk of the Town!

“I just moved to Austin after two cross country drives and two moves... I couldn't sleep because the pain throughout my body has been so bad.

I ordered foam rollers, stretch hands, etc... Nothing helped. I found Neu Release and figured I would give it a try, before I sought help from an orthopedic doctor, and Maia came through!

I can walk again without pain, and I have slept better than I have in months. I didn't think it was possible after one session, but what a huge difference she has made -- and I continue to see her once a week!”
Google Review
"Quite possibly the best massage I’ve ever had. I’ve been many places and this no frills, high pressure massage was EXACTLY what I needed. I have since recommended 2 people with similar results."
Google Review
"Amazing. This is not for a spa-like massage. This is for if you have real musculoskeletal pain.

Maia is the Mozart of massage therapists with an innate understanding beyond her age."
Google Review

Get Out Of Your HEAD, And Into Your BODY

Neu Release is a System of Alignment, rooted in Radiant Connection.

We balance the Dynamic Tensions of your structure — for letting go of soreness and pain, neurological tension, and release into the fullness of your body

Through our methodical approach, our empowered therapists connect with the root of your tension. Rooted in ancient healing wisdom, yet with our path illuminated by modern pain science, our fresh approach is optimized for the deepest release.

Neu Release - Massage Austin


The Hidden Parts of You

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Come discover how the Neu Release Method can eliminate chronic pain, soreness, and boost recovery – to help you take care of yourself.

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