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Massage therapy for muscle recovery and relaxation.

Neu Release Massage specializes in targeted deep-muscle release just as well as full body relaxation, with options like Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, in addition to our signature Neu Release massage.

Whatever your preferred massage style, our amazing massage therapists are here to help you relax, reduce chronic pain or tension, and relieve soreness or even heal from repetitive stress injuries. By focusing on your goals, we can help you feel your best!

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swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Learn all about Swedish Massage

deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Discover the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

neu release massage

Neu Release Massage

Explore our very own Neu Release™ Massage

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I have had many wonderful experiences at this studio. The team at Neu Release offers consistent attention and communication between one another, so any time you have a di...

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Courtney Lepore

The BEST massage ever! Skillful and intuitive, Maia and her Neu Release style used feet, knees, elbows, and hands to target my areas of stored tension quickly, and with s...

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Taylor Tazewell

Anna Allen has an incredibly warm and healing touch. Time melts away when receiving a massage from her, and no matter how long it is you're never quite ready for it to en...

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Katelyn Lacey

Anna is the absolute best bodyworker I’ve ever experienced. She approaches massage with deep care, respect, active listening, and joy. She is a wealth of knowledge abou...

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Kayleigh Crandell

Anna Allen is beyond excellent at massage! Her warm voice and presence is so calming and she does a great job at explaining exactly why she is doing the techniques she us...

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage in Austin, TX

Feel Rejuvenated and Invigorated

Book your table Massage so we can find the right balance of Swedish relaxation and Deep Tissue relief to fit your goals.

Relieve Inflammation

Prevent Injury

Reduce Muscle Strain

Ease Tension

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Deep tissue massage being performed by a massage therapist in Austin, Texas

What Type of Massage is Right for You?

Traditional Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is designed for stress relief, relaxation and muscle tension. Click to learn more.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage involves a customized and deeper approach than Swedish massage.

Neu Release Massage

Our Neu Release Massage combines stretching and specialized deep pressure point massage.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Massage Experience

Interested in getting a massage for yourself or someone special at our Austin, TX massage therapy studio? We want your experience to be nothing short of phenomenal! Our results are based on the foundation of communication. Before your session, we figure out how we can customize our time together. And during your session, there is an open dialogue about how you are feeling, if you want more or less pressure, or if anything should ever be adjusted for your comfort level.

Here at Neu Release Massage, our experienced massage therapists are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. The better we understand your needs, the more we can help! We believe our goal is to help you feel amazing.

Before booking your first session with us, consider your needs and goals for your massage. Depending on your preference, you may be best suited for a traditional table massage experience like Swedish or Deep Tissue. If you’re looking for something deeper, more targeted, and you’re open to try something new, you might just love our Neu Release technique, mat-based massage with stretching.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or tension, recovering from an injury, or you have mobility issues, we may recommend a Deep Tissue massage or our unique Neu Release massage, designed for a deeper and more therapeutic experience.

If you simply want to relax and relieve stress in a quiet, calm environment, our Swedish massage is the perfect treat. Improve circulation, boost mood, unwind your muscles, and watch the stress melt away!

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Ready to fight back against pain?

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Unquestionably the best massage in Austin. Maia and the team are exceptional — I have been going for 2+ years and could not recommend them more highly.

Massage therapy can help release tension and improve overall wellbeing.

Reduce Tension

Neu Release massage targets specific muscle groups, helping to ease tension and reduce pain while releasing fascia and speeding healing.


Neu Release massage allows your massage therapist to target hard-to-reach spots with the right amount of pressure and attention.

Tailored to You

Like all of our massage services, your Neu Release massage is tailored to your comfort level and your needs.

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