Deep Tissue Massage in Austin, TX

Relieve Chronic Pain and Recover from Injuries with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to help reduce pain and relieve tension, helping lessen the risk of injury.

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deep tissue massage

Recover Quickly and Get Back to Living!

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Relieve Pain

release tension

Release Tension

improve posture

Improve Posture

faster healing

Recover Faster

Why Deep-Tissue Massage?

Swedish deep tissue massage

Deep-tissue massage is highly effective in helping to alleviate chronic pain in the neck, shoulders and back. By targeting the deep layers of connective muscle tissue, deep tissue massage goes right to where it hurts, releasing tension, reducing pain and helping you get back to work or play even faster.

Reduce Pain

Speed Healing

Faster Recovery

Ease Tension

Improve Posture

Reduce Fatigue

This was a great experience from start to finish. Maia gave an incredible massage.

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Deep Tissue Massage in Austin, TX

Relieve Pain, Promote Healing and Improve Range of Motion

Deep Tissue massage works to help release knots and adhesions in the muscles which can limit your range of motion and cause pain. By working out the deep muscle fibers, deep tissue massage helps improve elasticity in the muscles while reducing the risk of injury from strains or sprains

Improve Performance

Enhance Range of Motion

Reduce Risk of Injury

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What Types of Pain Does Deep Tissue Massage Treat?

Posture Issues

Slumped shoulders or a forward head posture can cause undue stress on the back, shoulders and neck. By relieving stress on these pressure points, massage therapy can help correct posture problems that lead to pain and stiffness in the affected areas.

Repetitive Strains or Sprains

Repetitive injuries can take longer to heal. Deep tissue massage helps to soothe the underlying muscles by relaxing and treating the adhesions in the fibers that cause pain and stiffness.

Sports or Work Injuries

Injuries from work or play can often affect the neck, shoulders and back. This can in turn affect productivity and comfort, especially for those who spend long hours on their feet or at a desk. Deep tissue massage helps alleviate the tension on core pressure points that can exacerbate pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Tension in the neck and shoulder area are one of the primary complaints that leads people to seek out massage therapy. Deep tissue massage helps to ease chronic pain in these injury and stress-prone areas while improving flexibility and range of motio

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