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Learn about Neu Release® and what we do for our clients.

Neu Release® Massage is a team of amazing massage therapists in Austin, Texas, specializing in therapeutic and relaxation massage. Our core belief is that life is better without pain and tension. Without tightness binding you down, you can be free to live your best life.

That’s why we are dedicated to giving healing, intuitive massages and to endlessly improving our craft. We take immense joy and pride in what we do and how we can help.



Maia is the creator and founder of Neu Release® Massage. Maia is a native Chicagoan, but has made Austin her new home. She is passionate about working with active people, who are interested in exploring their bodies in new ways. In her years of massage practice, she has worked exclusively alongside chiropractors, to develop her scientific and effective approach. Maia expanded her team, after her private practice grew too busy for her alone. She loves to share Neu Release® Massage with her growing team and guests.

Her advanced studies within massage include Ashiatsu Massage, Fijian Massage, Thai Massage, and Trigger Point therapy. Integrating within her practice the holistic experience of movement arts, Maia has also studied Yoga Teacher Training and meditation. In her free time, Maia practices aerial arts and loves to hop into Barton Springs.


Originally from Wisconsin, Colleen moved to Austin seven years ago in pursuit of a new adventure. After graduating from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, she has built years of experience helping people with pain relief.

Colleen’s experienced touch will leave you entranced, released of all tension, and completely open. She loves doing deep, specific work, but she also likes to help her clients relax and unwind. She has advanced training in Neu Release® technique and Orthopedic massage. Colleen loves working with people who are trying to get back into balance after an injury or time away from self-care, as well as those dealing with chronic neck and jaw tension. Colleen’s deep understanding of the body is bolstered by her Yoga Teacher training. In her spare time, Colleen enjoys traveling, working in her garden, and checking out live music around town.



Born and raised in North Carolina, Anna moved to Austin for her next chapter. Anna’s love for the body originally stems from figure drawing. As an artist, she found herself wanting to learn the muscles of the body before realizing her fascination was rooted in a desire to become a Massage Therapist. After graduating from New Beginning School of Massage, she has dived head-first into the world of massage. Anna’s training includes Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial release, and Neu Release® Massage.

Anna loves to work with everyone! She can help you relax with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, or help you make serious progress with a Neu Release® Massage. She can also speak Spanish, making her a great therapist for anyone Spanish-speaking. In a massage with Anna, you can feel – in the enthusiasm and sincerity of her touch – that she truly cares. Her kind heart and gentle spirit resonate in her touch. In her free time, Anna loves being outside and making music.


Russ is an intuitive, strong, and caring massage therapist. It’s not uncommon for his clients to claim, “That was the BEST massage I’ve ever had.” Over his many years of experience, he has become excellent at troubleshooting to provide a plan, and offering support for people to be more effectively proactive in their healing process.

After mastering the art of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage over the years, he continues to grow his skillset. His advanced trainings include his Certification in Orthopedic and clinical pain management massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Cupping Therapy. Beyond the realm of massage, he is also a Reiki master and certified Yoga teacher. All together, this education forms a holistic foundation for his understanding of the body and mind connection.

Russ loves to offer therapeutic and holistic massage to help you walk away feeling like a different person. Using his advanced skills, he can deliver the deep relief you need. If you’re interested, Russ is happy to show you some yoga stretches that may benefit you. If you’re looking for energy healing, he can bring Reiki into your massage session. During his free time, Russ can be found playing with his dog Shanti, taking care of plants, and riding his motorcycle.



Kim was born and raised in South Austin, Texas. After high school, she went on to serve in the US Marine Corps which is where she found her passion for health and fitness. Over the years, Kim felt empowered by receiving regular massage therapy. Massage greatly impacted her work outs, giving her sustained peak performance in running and weight lifting. Upon returning to her home of Texas, she went on to earn her dual license as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician.

Kim is an experienced Massage Therapist focusing on client's needs. Her massages will leave you relaxed and ready for your next endeavor. She is trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. As a mother herself, Kims knows the importance of massage for mothers, so she is also certified in Prenatal Massage. In her free time, Kim is in the gym, out on an easy run, enjoying a nice healthy meal or getting a massage herself.


Emily has lived in South Austin for her entire life, and she still loves it! With a deep passion to care for others, she started her career thinking she wanted to become a Registered Nurse. Soon, she realized her hands were made for a different focus. After graduating the Massage Therapy program at The Avenue Five Institute, she feels that she has truly found her place in the world.

Her speciality is in relaxation Swedish massage. With Emily’s touch, you will feel truly cared for. She loves working with anyone who needs some relief from tension or discomfort. Using her advanced skills in Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point therapy, and Cupping therapy, she knows how to focus on your priorities and skillfully release tension. Since her early teen years, she has struggled with chronic back pain and muscular tension. Massage has been the only way to help her body feel good. Her experience managing and healing from chronic pain fuels her desire to help others today. If you can remove the burden of pain, tension, and discomfort, then your best self can shine through. In her free time, Emily makes music, enjoys scenic drives, hikes long trails, and occasionally ventures into live music venues downtown.


Letter from the Founder


My name is Maia, creator of Neu Release® Massage in Austin, Texas. I get asked all the time by our new guests: how did I create Neu Release® Massage?

This is the story of how we got here.

My Background in Massage Therapy and Chiropractic

First, a little about my background… When I finished school for massage therapy, my first job was helping on medical cases at a chiropractic office, never any spa nonsense. Our patients were dealing with chronic pain, tension, stress, and athletic injuries.

Working under the direction of a chiropractor, I focused on delivering effective, deep pressure, and assisted stretches. Our combined skeletal and myofascial approach was for relieving chronic pain and helping athletes reach peak performance.

Using the conventional deep tissue and myofascial release approach, I learned to use my thumbs and elbows to open trigger points and work out soreness.

While patients would report some improvement after their massages, many had to keep coming back for more massage. It felt like massages weren’t making the progress that our patients needed.

I was not satisfied with providing temporary relief. I knew there had to be something deeper and more effective. I was committed to finding a better solution to chronic pain, with longer lasting results.

Diving Deeper

Looking for better tools, I delved into my studies of anatomy and recovery science, as well as Eastern massage modalities. I trained with experts in Thai Massage, Ashiatsu, and Fijian massage. Inspired by the new tools and techniques of the Eastern modalities, I began using my knees and feet for massage, to apply broad deep pressure. Bringing together all my tools, I combined a sports medicine, science-based approach with deep heavy pressure using powerful tools and a yoga-inspired stretching flow.

Deeper and More Effective than regular Massage

My guests absolutely loved it! Not only that – their results increased dramatically. In fact, after one session, people would often go for weeks without any discomfort or pain. Best of all, some clients reported a complete recovery after just one session.

Using Full Bodyweight for Deeper Pressure

The deeper pressure would release the root of their tension, more effectively than any massage before. By using the full body, I was able to give deeper pressure effortlessly.

Feels better than Deep Tissue Massage

Traditional Deep Tissue can be very deep, but sometimes, painfully sharp and pokey, when delivered through the fine point of a thumb or elbow. Release with a broad surface doesn’t hurt as much, so deeper work is less painful. It feels similar to a targeted, full body foam roller or lacrosse ball. Compression based massage has proven to be helpful for helping open the area, unwind the muscle holding, and stretching fascia and nerves.

Stretching Open into New Movement Patterns

Combined with the stretching, deeper work led to better and longer lasting relief. Once the tight holding areas were opened, we found an increase in comfort and expansion of range of motion. In the softened clay of body tissues after massage, it is essential to use the new space before it tightens up again. In this way, stretching can massively enhance the effectiveness of a massage therapy session.

This was only the beginning of Neu Release® Massage. I still work hands-on with our guests, as I refine the technique and perfect our protocols for different tension patterns and injuries.

Growing the Neu Release® Massage Team

My guests have been so generously and wonderfully supportive, spreading the good word about Neu Release® massage and the benefits it can bring. I am grateful to have become so busy, that I had to expand our team beyond myself alone. I have hand-selected incredible massage therapists with a lot of potential, and trained them in our advanced techniques.

Neu Release® Massage is a unique method that requires advanced study and many hours of practice, unlike any other massage technique commonly offered. Most massage techniques don’t require such a deep investment of time and energy. However this is exactly what sets us apart from the crowd. To be on our team requires talent, commitment, and a growth mindset.

Each Neu Release® Massage therapist is personally trained by myself and their training group, with a rigorous schedule of massage practice, home study, and personal reflections. The results have been phenomenal! Their growth has been amazing, as they continue to refine their skills. Plus I am so happy to finally have someone able to give a Neu Release® massage to me!

Releasing the Nervous System

Neu Release® massage is an invitation to experience the body in a new way and relax into a deeper neurological release. It can help anyone suffering from chronic pain, injury, stress, discomfort, or anxiety. The path to long-term relief involves learning how to listen to the body.

Drawing us into the now, body awareness simultaneously heals the body and the mind. Our work together is based on musculoskeletal tension, but on a more profound level, it is about deeply letting go — into your body and into awareness. This is the deepest release, surrender into the present moment.

Release is simultaneously filled with vibrant energy and complete relaxation, both powerful and gentle, both exciting and soothing. This diametric balance can only be understood experientially. And as one dives deeper into the practice of letting go, one can release deeper and deeper into the body and mind.

Walking the Path to Healing

On a personal note, like many of my clients, I struggle with tension, soreness, and pain. And like most people who deal with these chronic issues, I also experience stress and anxiety. The most effective healing is abundant self care — including regular massage, yoga, and explorative movement and exercise. Through my own healing journey, I have studied various forms of meditation, yoga teacher training, and mixed movement arts.

The path to healing is a journey within. Because of my personal experience with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, I feel better equipped to hold space for others in their healing journey.

I am overjoyed to get to share this powerful work with my community. We all deserve to feel our best. Without limitations or discomfort holding us back, we can truly enjoy our lives and bodies to the fullest – on physical, mental, and energetic levels.

- Maia Spertus LMT