What is fascia?

Fascia is a thin, tough, and flexible connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, and organs in the body. It is made up of collagen and elastin fibers and serves to protect and support the body’s internal structures. It also helps to maintain the shape and structure of the body, as well as providing a pathway for blood vessels and nerves to travel through.

How does fascia cause adhesions?

When fascia becomes tight or thickened, it can restrict movement and lead to tension in the surrounding muscles. Adhesions can form within the fascia, which can further limit mobility and cause discomfort or pain. This can occur due to a variety of factors, including injury, overuse, or repetitive movements.

Fascial adhesions and tight fascia can cause limited movement by compressing nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to numbness, tingling, or even muscle weakness. The restricted movement caused by tight fascia can also contribute to poor posture and chronic pain.

Can massage help with adhesions in fascia?

Massage can be an effective technique for addressing adhesions, as it helps to break down the buildup of collagen fibers and other substances that create the hard or stuck points in the fascia surrounding the muscle.

When a massage therapist applies pressure to the affected area, it stretches and loosens the fascia, which can help to break up any adhesions that may be present. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are two techniques that are commonly used to address adhesions. These techniques involve applying targeted pressure to specific areas of tension in the muscle tissue, which can help to break up adhesions and release tension.

Regular massage can also help to prevent the formation of adhesions by promoting healthy fascia, reducing muscle tension, and improving overall flexibility and mobility.
Overall, massage can be a valuable tool in addressing adhesions and improving overall physical wellness. It can help to reduce discomfort, improve mobility, and prevent the recurrence of adhesions over time.

Maia Spertus LMT

Maia Spertus is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Austin Texas, with a background of experience in Medical Massage, Sports Recovery, Trigger Point release, as well as the traditional practices of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. Through her experience working with people suffering from chronic pain, active athletes, as well as desk jockeys, she is an expert in helping people feel the best in their bodies. She is also a trained yoga teacher, and avid fitness enthusiast herself.