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Relieve aches and pains with Neu Release® massage.

Our signature service, Neu Release® massage is a best-of-both worlds combination of deep massage and stretch therapy using different pressure points and targeting techniques to give you more precise, complete relief, to release your muscles and relax your nervous system.

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Why Should You Try a Neu Release® Massage?

Reduce Tension

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Relax Muscles

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Reduce Inflammation

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Heal Naturally

What is a Neu Release® Massage?

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During a Neu Release® Massage, we may use our hands, arms, elbows and even our feet to get into difficult-to-reach spots where traditional massage can’t reach. This allows us to vary the level of pressure and gently stretch the tight areas, keeping our focus entirely on what you need to release. During a Neu Release® Massage, you can always get exactly the amount of pressure you want, targeted exactly where you need it.

We communicate with you to find where you are holding tension and help you let go. Our direct approach can feel intense, because our therapists connect with the root of your tension. But when those tight spots are released and open, you can feel and enjoy your body again with tension or limitation. Our guests tell us that Neu Release® massage is more effective and even more relaxing than your average massage experience.

Stimulate Nervous System

Improve Blood Pressure

Promotes Well-Being

Reduce Muscle Tension

Boosts Serotonin

Relax and Rejuvinate

Neu Release® is pushing the practice of massage into a whole new spectrum.

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Our Unique Approach

Designed with you in mind.

Neu Release® massage is designed to relax tight muscles and help release the nervous system. In areas of pain and dysregulation, muscles can become chronically tight through unhealthy holding patterns of tension. Over time these aches and pains become normal, and harder to let go. Our approach is designed to help with fresh injuries and even old aches, pains, and sore spots.

By focusing our pressure into tight holding spots, we help find release from the nervous system, to finally let the muscle go. The deep compression opens tight tissue with targeted trigger point and myofascial release. Integrating stretching, we can lengthen the muscle and help integrate a healthier range of motion. This approach can help with any sort of chronic muscle tension, and in cases where a muscle or joint has become restricted.

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