Unlocking Deep Tension for Serious Relief: The Power of Stretch Therapy in Neu Release™ Massages

This is a massage experience beyond the ordinary. Our Neu Release™ style massages offer a unique fusion of massage therapy and the incredible benefits of stretch therapy. It’s like getting a rejuvenating stretch session along with your massage session.


Dynamic Stretching: Targeting Tension with Precision

In every Neu Release™ massage, we incorporate dynamic stretching techniques that specifically target muscle groups holding tension and knots. The incorporation of stretching allows our skilled therapists to isolate areas of concern, providing a focused and precise release.

Stretching helps elongate and relax muscle fibers. It is an effective way to release and soften tight muscle tissues. This is a natural and perfect complement to release through massage. This crucial step not only enhances the therapist’s ability to work through knots and trigger points, but also creates a more comprehensive and satisfying massage experience.


Neuromuscular Reset: Unwinding Chronic Knots


Stretching goes beyond the physical realm; it engages the neuromuscular system, sending signals to the brain to relax muscle tension. This neuromuscular reset is a game-changer in releasing chronic knots and helping keep the tissue open. It can also just feel really good, promoting a profound state of relaxation.

When combined with traditional massage techniques, stretching becomes a powerful ally, amplifying the effects of muscle relaxation. It allows our therapists to work more effectively, ensuring that your massage experience is not only therapeutic but deeply transformative.


Prolonging the Bliss: Stretching at the End

Ever wished the benefits of a massage could last longer? With Neu Release™ massages, they can! We strategically incorporate stretching at the end of each session to help prolong the positive effects of the treatment. Clients typically report feeling the benefit of their massages here for weeks or even months! Regular massages alone usually only help you feel better for a few days, but with the added benefit of stretch therapy, the results can stick with you even longer. It helps the massage work set well into the muscular holding patterns, for a more optimal and natural ease.

This final stretch encourages your muscles to maintain their newfound flexibility, reducing the likelihood of tension returning quickly. The integration of stretching ensures that the benefits of your massage session are both immediate and enduring. You will be able to walk away feeling better and more open.


The Synergy of Massage and Stretch Therapy

At the heart of Neu Release™ massages lies the synergy between massage and stretching—a holistic and effective approach to relieving muscle tension and promoting overall well-being. It’s not just a massage; it’s a transformative journey that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and in tune with your body.

Ready to experience the bliss of Neu Release™ Massage for yourself? Book your session today and unlock the profound benefits of stretch therapy combined with the artistry of traditional massage techniques. Book now by clicking here!

Maia Spertus LMT

Maia Spertus is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Austin Texas, with a background of experience in Medical Massage, Sports Recovery, Trigger Point release, as well as the traditional practices of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. Through her experience working with people suffering from chronic pain, active athletes, as well as desk jockeys, she is an expert in helping people feel the best in their bodies. She is also a trained yoga teacher, and avid fitness enthusiast herself.